Exclusive Programs

Customized coverage for unique industries. From architects and engineers to bakeries and non-profits, we’ve got you covered. 


In partnership with HPSI, the Millward Agency is proud to present the MedGuard Program, an exclusive insurance offering designed to meet the distinctive needs of healthcare operations. Our program is built on a foundation of understanding the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers, offering customized policies that provide comprehensive coverage and real peace of mind.

Fire Protection

In the fire protection industry, liability is high due to the life-saving nature of products and services. This Program provides robust insurance solutions that address the unique challenges faced by fire protection companies. Whether you’re involved in installation, inspection, or maintenance of fire suppression systems, our tailored policies ensure you’re prepared for common and rare incidents with critical consequences.

Artisan Contractors

Artisan contractors face a unique set of risks, from the tools they use to the various job sites they operate on. To empower these skilled professionals, we offer a comprehensive insurance package that covers the multitude of scenarios artisan contractors encounter.


Non-profit organizations have unique priorities and challenges. As a trusted insurance partner in the community, we offer tailored coverage options through our Non-Profit Program to protect these valuable organizations from potential risks and liabilities. From volunteer accidents to property damage, our comprehensive policies provide peace of mind for non-profits to continue making a positive impact in their communities.

Habitational Properties

For property managers and owners, our Habitational Properties Program offers specialized insurance solutions tailored for multifamily dwellings, condominiums, and apartment complexes. Our policies address diverse risks, from tenant issues to structural maintenance, providing comprehensive protection for your investments.

Habitational Properties

Breweries, Distilleries & Wineries

The Millward Agency recognizes the unique blend of artistry and industry in the brewery, distillery, and winery sector. Our BrewGuard Program is crafted to serve the specific insurance needs of craft beverage producers. Whether it’s protection against equipment breakdown, spoilage, or liability arising from on-site tastings, our policies offer a barrel of solutions tailored to safeguard the fruits of your labor. Embrace the passion for your craft with the confidence that your business is protected from vine to bottle.

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The Millward Agency, Inc. Testimonials

Kurtis ThorntonKurtis Thornton
18:38 16 Jan 22
Very helpful and nice people, a great place to get your insurance needs taken care of.
Christopher LymanChristopher Lyman
14:48 26 Oct 19
Finally, I don't need to ever look for another insurance agent. The Millward Agency handles my personal and business insurance. Always helpful with my questions and quick to respond to my emergencies. The Millward Agency Rocks!
Markusz SudozMarkusz Sudoz
19:03 19 Jul 19
Every time I go to my broker, Ed Caceres @ the Millward Agency, he always finds me the best insurance rates on my real estate properties. Ed is great, always extremely responsive and understanding of the industry. In the past I would go do my own insurance shopping and spend hours on hours to get the best rate, now I do not even bother shopping around I just call Ed and he always has the best pricing. In the beginning I got a quote from Ed then shopped around, now I have learned to not even waste my time. Ed @ Millward Always saves me hundreds of dollars. 110% on customer service, 100% on pricing!!! A+++
Mobility SolutionsMobility Solutions
19:09 25 Jul 18
Everybody!!!!! is Great to work with when ever I need anything which is almost monthly.Linda
carlene klebecarlene klebe
20:01 22 Jun 18
My former insurance agent and friend recommended Ed Caceres of Millward Agency. Within hours of having given Ed a call, I had quotes and was decided to go with his carrier. He was professional and answered all my questions. I’m happy to have done business with Ed and Millward Agency.
John CourtneyJohn Courtney
16:20 11 Jun 18
Business or Personal this is who you want - Personal service from their Team is amazing, treat as though you are their only client.* Business - Review policy/coverage every year. Not limited to one or two insurance providers. Recommend changes, not necessarily to save money (although it is available) provide additional coverage. Three months later our additional coverage cost $150 on a $15000 claim. For years we were not covered! They are not limited to one or two insurance providers as our previous agent.* Personal - couple of claims were handled like we were their only client. They bundled coverage in such a way to save $2100 a year for a family of four and kids in college.***Will continue to recommend to business colleagues, friends and family***
Karen CarterKaren Carter
16:01 08 Jun 18
Our company has been working with Millward Agency for many years.They have been the best insurance company I have ever worked with.The staff is always very informative and very professional. Our insurance needs which include general, auto and worker's comp are very complex. Millward is able to handle and update all of our needs at any time of the year. I really like the fact they get back to you very quickly! They are very knowledgeable and caring we never think of going elsewhere. We will definitely be customers for years to come. Thank you Millward Agency!
Chad StottChad Stott
17:56 07 Jun 18
Wade and the Millward team have been consistently reliable, prompt, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Wade and his crew have guided us through our ever growing needs and we attribute our success to the partnerships we have forged with organizations like The Millward Agency. We look forward to many more years working together.