The Millward Agency Inc. Testimonials


We have worked with the Millward Agency since 2011, relying on them for many insurance needs including General Liability, Workers Comp and our Package Policy. Millwards response time is so fast I sometimes wonder if they have cloned the whole staff. Attention to detail and the ability to explain complicated matters in easy-to-understand terms is simply uncanny. They set expectations and then exceed them in every way possible. I can always get a real person on the phone. We have always been able to receive prompt attention. I am happy to highly recommend the Millward Agency for any of your insurance needs.


Logan, UT, Medical Device Manufacturer

When originally approached by Millward Agency, we were apprehensive about an agency not located near our facility. There is just something about having that person across town. We decided to use this as an opportunity to leverage our local agent and lower premiums.

Millward came back with a proposal, suggestions with a straight forward plan. They compared apples to apples based on our current policy. Pricing was around 15% lower, savings we knew our current agent could not match. Their plan, however, expanded our coverage and umbrella policy. Still unsure, we offered numerous scenarios for claims. Each one was addressed in terms we could understand.

We presented their policy to our local agency. They were able to drop our current policy rate by 5% with no changes to coverage. When asked about comparing apples to apples with Millward proposal; he would not touch the extended coverage or our umbrella without higher premiums in excess of 25%.

The support staff is second to none. They assisted with our recent acquisition of a competitor, answering questions daily and providing additional coverages both short and long term. This being our first acquisition they were instrumental in keeping us on track. Overall Millward is growing with us, not against us.


Woodburn, OR, Manufacturing

I am very pleased with the service Dupaco has received from the Millward Agency. The expertise they have in the Health Sciences field has led us obtaining excellent policies at very competitive rates. The entire staff is attentive and professional. This is the first time I have ever used an agency remote from our office, but the experience has been nothing but positive. I recommend the Millward Agency without reservation.


Oceanside, CA, Manufacturing

Millward’s service is first-rate. All issues are handled promptly. They are very easy to work with. They understand both the insurance side and the client’s exposures. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others. 


Fresno, CA, Medical Retail

When dealing with the staff at Millward Agency. I feel like they try and do whatever they can to satisfy and take care of my needs and concerns in a timely manner. They make me feel very comfortable as if they know me on a personal level, which I like very much. When I call the Millward Agency, I know I will get the help that I am looking for.


Levelland, TX, Medical Retail

Millward Agency knows liability insurance, but also the insurance requirements that are specific to our unique type of business. I really appreciate that knowledge and depend on them yearly to take care of our insurance needs.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new agent.


Spokane, WA, Medical Facility

Weston is very knowledgeable and steers us through the confusing maze of insurance with an expert hand. He is personable and very easy to work with.


Ontario, CA, Real Estate Brokerage

Can’t say enough about the Millward Agency. Super fast and friendly service. Very personable and fun to work with. Appreciate all you guys do.


Lakeside, AZ, Medical Retail

I have had the pleasure of working with the Millward Agency team for a few years now. As a principal of my company, it is important to find a partner not just a provider. The Millward Agency team has gone beyond the call of duty and I would highly recommend them to everyone.


Houston, TX, Medical Retail

Thanks to The Millward Agency. Wade. I have to say it is very nice working with them. Very responsive and helpful.


Milwaukee, WI, Pedorthic Services

Adam is a detail-oriented insurance agent who watches after his client’s money like it is his own. He is acutely aware of our individual insurance needs and searches competitive influences in the marketplace for the best fit. In addition to finding the most applicable policies, he has saved us thousands of dollars over the long haul. As such, I highly recommend him and his Millward Team. 


Irvine, CA, Medical Manufacturing

I have worked with several insurance agencies before finding The Millward Agency and was pretty happy with them.  But working with TMA has shown me what I was missing.  Not only was the Millward Team able to save our company thousands of dollars in premiums each year, the Millward staff are always ready with quick, professional responses to any questions I may have.  

Where some of the other agencies I’ve worked with tended to be a little cold and aloof I really appreciate the warm and friendly service I get from them. 

I’m a busy guy and don’t have a lot of time to stay on top of our insurance needs.  Working with Millward I know that everything is in control and we are well covered.  I hope to continue working with TMA for many years to come.


San Francisco, CA, Medical Device Manufacturer

Insurance can be daunting and confusing, but working with The Millward Agency, Adam in particular, makes the process clear and very easy to understand. Their service over the years has put our company in a very comfortable position. We know we are insured correctly. Millward has diligently worked on our behalf to ensure we are getting the best coverage for our business. Their entire operation and staff are expedient and courteous. We will be clients for many years to come.


Winnipeg, Canada, Scooter Rentals

They are SO helpful! The Millward Agency has been providing us excellent service for many years- They are a very professional, reliable company, who provide the BEST customer service. I would have to say that we are probably quite a challenge to the Millward Agency. In almost all of our policy needs, we have been very demanding regarding extra coverage, pricing and then, needing it right away.

The Millward staff have always rose to each and every occasion, meeting all of our demands and exceeding them. I realize we are not their only customer, but they sure make us feel like we are! With wonderful, rapid response, and friendly, personalized service.

They have all gone over and above to make sure they got us the best possible coverage in all of our needs. I would highly recommend the Millward Team!


Grass Valley, CA, Medical Retail

I recommend anyone needing insurance to call The Millward Agency. They immediately respond to emails and phone calls; wonderful to work with.


Wauwatosa, WI, Medical Retail

I have relied on Wes and the Millward Agency for over nine years in providing me with his expertise in the insurance industry; including with my prior employer. While starting a new corporation, I thought of to handle the insurance aspect of the unique nature of our business, was The Millward Agency. They navigated our concerns and secured multiple policies that best fit our business needs.  I value their ability to adapt to new situations and environments. Hard work. and ultimately their ability to deliver timely results in the form of practical solutions to complex business issues.


Santa Ana, CA, Solar

The Millward Agency does a great job for us in securing the best insurance products for our commercial properties and assisting us with any claims that arise. I thoroughly enjoy working with them. I have complete confidence in their abilities and results.


San Diego, CA, Commercial Real Estate

In our 3rd year together, I am very pleased and appreciative of the job they have done for us. Being a small company, all expenditures are very closely scrutinized, and after all, saving money on something like commercial insurance for our company is very important.

They have not only found the appropriate policy for the very special niche company, we are but also saved us in premiums by shopping around for the best premium. 

I would highly recommend The Millward Agency for anyone who needs commercial insurance.


Garland, TX, Medical Distributor

Millward Agency work fast and efficiently!!! The work is done correctly the first time. I have never had a reason to complain. They keep me happy, and most importantly covered with the appropriate level of insurance.


Van Nuys, CA, Medical Distributor

Adam is always a quick phone call away to answer my questions. When he says he is going to do something for me… gets done quickly.


Henderson, NV, Medical Facility

Millward are very knowledgeable and accessible to all of my insurance needs. I wish I had found them sooner.


Abilene, TX, Medical Manufacturing

Our company used a broker that is well-known in the O&P circle for 20-plus years, but the cost got to be very expensive. We felt we were paying way too much money for the service we were receiving.

We then were contacted by The Millward Agency about possibly comparing what we were paying for our insurance coverage. We reviewed the policies together, went over the differences in coverage and found a mistake that the other broker had made on our coverage. At the time we were using two separate brokers. We were so pleased with the service and savings that we have since moved all of our policies over to The Millward Agency.

Ted and I have been very pleased with the result and the professional level of service offered by the entire Millward Agency. I am pleased to report that our average savings has been in the upward of 25 to 30%.

I humbly recommend the Millward Agency without reservation to anyone looking for an honest, trustworthy Insurance Agency.


Houston, TX, Medical Facility

Our company has worked with TMA for a few years now and we have always received excellent service. Very professional and always able to give us an answer.


Modesto, CA, Medical Retail

Our company has multiple policies with The Millward Agency. They handle each question or concern in a timely manner providing several options for us to consider. Their work ethic is to be commended! They strive to provide the best possible policies and customer service.


Dublin, TX, Medical Retail