Weston Millward Bio Preface

Weston Millward 1972

1936-My Mom, Marcella Fay Millward, 18 Yrs Old

During our lifetimes, people influence our lives; but we do not understand it at the time. . But as we age, we realize the opposite. My Mom and Dad, Coaches, Klisanin & Ashley, & close friends have all made huge impacts upon my life. However, without my wife, Anita Kay; I could not have been happy and successful, at the same time.  

EWM 1953 Los Angeles, Ca.

2020-Anita Kay Millward

We married in 1997, she had 4 Boys, 1 Girl, I had 3 Boys, and 1 Girl. It was a complete nightmare for the first couple of years, as 11 people had to make extraordinary changes in their lives. But we all hung in there together, trying to make it work. It did. Now, with 29 Grandkids and everyone understanding each other, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. We are a family.  


Anita gives me the confidence I need to move forward or dump ideas. Her blonde, blued eyed comments, suggestions and unconditional love have made a huge impact on my life. Not only with me but with my 4 kids and hers. 

The unconditional love my Father and Mother gave me worked also. I could trust what they said, without hesitation, because they gave me advise that would help me. My 2 coaches pulled me through a tough period in my life because they cared.  You don’t find people like this, they come into your life and if you are smart, you listen to them. 


Life is good a bad, it comes in huge cycles. My Dad always said, you cannot stop the cycles son, but, it is what you do with them that makes the difference. He was right, as always.

My life has been blessed far more than I deserve or even understand. It has been tough, hard and unforgiving at times. But, you deal with the issues, one at a time, and then the sun blows through the clouds and good times roll once again. 


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