Weston S. Millward Bio

Weston Millward 1972

1972-Weston Millward & Rick Hartmann 

Disneyland After Winning CIF

1954 – 1967

Born January 5, 1954, I grew up in Torrance, Calif until I was 8, then the family moved to Cypress, Calif. At that time, a sleepy town full of farms and ranches.

An All-Star Little League catcher in my pre-teen years, I started playing football at Walker Jr High in 1967. Coach Klisanin placed me at Offensive Guard & Middle Linebacker, positions I would play throughout High School.

1967 – 1971

Unfortunately, I had a serious back injury 3/4 of the way through my first year, which required surgery. Having to sit out the next season to heal, Coach Klisanin asked if I would like to keep the stats for the team, while listening to his football strategy on the sidelines. While doing this I learned more about the game of football listening to Kilisanin, then if I had played. Coach Klisanin was the glue that kept me in the game.  

From 1967 through 1971, After recovering from my injury, I continued to play Football, & Wrestled. However, the Football team that Coach Klisanin had assembled, was extraordinary. 


We lost only 2 games in 5 years, amassing a record of 47-2. Winning 5 consecutive League championships, we sealed the deal by winning the coveted California Southern Section C.I.F. Championship in 1971 as Seniors. 

This Championship season involved hundreds of schools and thousands of players, from San Diego, Ca. to Santa Barbara, Ca., a huge area back in the day. 3 NFL Hall of Famers & 1 MLB Hall of Fame inductee were some of their competitors during a grueling senior year season. 

1971 Millward #63-Santellanes #35-Judge #45 Left Sweep

Looking back, I learned there is no other way of obtaining life’s core principals, unless you continually put yourself on the edge; by doing it. Learning to stay focused while making good & bad plays; constantly being aware of your surroundings. Being flexible while pushing through the pain & stress that is being thrown at you; and under all circumstances, to persevere. Klisanin told us back in 1967, that football was life, how true that statement is!

1971 Millward Blocking-Santellanes Running

Throughout this competitive, grueling, intense, difficult period of sweat, blood, pain and exhaustion; everyone learned how to endure, never give up, and work as a team towards a common goal. Lombardi’s statement, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” Had to be fought at every corner. 

Not understood at the time, those intense athletic competitions in the above sports created experiences which shaped my future business career.

EWM 1953 Los Angeles, Ca.

1972 Weston Millward Graduation Picture

1974 – 2023

On June 14, 1974, in Levi’s, tennis shoes, and a white T-shirt, I joined my father, Edward Millward, working as a full-time Insurance Agent in Los Angeles, CA. I quickly became licensed and within 7 years was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Agency. In 1987, Dad retired, so I purchased the Agency Stock. Thirteen years later, in 2000, the purchase agreement between father & son had been paid in full, including interest.

EWM 1953 Los Angeles, Ca.

2016-Weston Millward

Isoon realized that creating exclusive and specialized niche insurance programs in specific industries was much better than being a generalist. This tactic, although somewhat new in the late seventies and early eighties, has created the Agency’s robust growth, focusing in the commercial insurance arena on a nationwide basis.

I have hunted Big Game in Canada, the Lower 48, Alaska & New Zealand. Moose, Bear, Elk, Mtn Lion & everything in between have been harvested, creating some very exciting tales regarding the great outdoors.

EWM 1953 Los Angeles, Ca.

2014- Rick Hartmann & Weston Millward
Alaska – Kamchatka River Basin

EWM 1953 Los Angeles, Ca.

2014 WSM Alaskan Moose, Kamchatka River Basin

In addition, I backpack, lift at the gym, and cut trees in Northern Idaho to stay in shape for the hunts. It was quite the ride from my initial start with only my father and one secretary 49 years ago.

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